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Excitement and Disappointment

It has come to my attention that the past couple weeks have included a lot of *flailing* from me. I’ve noticed it in my emails, in my Tweets, in my conversations, and even in my real life actions. I lift my arms and wave them around. I dance in my chair. I get up and rock side-to-side, spinning in a circle with my arms hanging loose.

I flail.

I guess all that means is that I am finding reasons to get excited. Not even necessarily about exciting things–maybe it’s just that I’m easily pleased. I’m not as easily disappointed.

Publishing is fraught with rejection, but you don’t hear about it all the time. It’s not just authors who get rejected while querying or proposing an idea to a critique parter–or, for that matter, in trying to find a critique partner at all. Rejection is part of every stage. Agents could reject edits. Editors could reject agents. The top banana at publishers could reject the editor who loves your project. Writers could reject an offer that isn’t right for them. Readers could reject the story.

So yeah. Lots of rejection.

But for me, keeping the outlook of easily-excited-and-not-easily-disappointed is healthy. I’ve been keeping an eye on publishing ever since I became serious about it as a sophomore in high school. It’s changed since then, and it’ll keep changing, and I’m okay with that. I know it’s what I want to do, in some form or another. But as an observer and hopeful participant in the more bookish side of the world, I know I have to have thick skin going in. I rejoice at the happiest of happys and take the disappointments as they come. They’re never going to stop coming.

But that’s okay. I’m a lot happier to be happy with what I have. And I’m excited to keep adding to that happy pile.