What’s up Wednesday – April 2

April, you guys! Can you believe it? And even though I live near the Seattle area, it’s sunny outside. Psh, April showers? More like… like… you know, not. *twiddles thumbs* (I’m a novelist.)

I hope April Fool’s Day wasn’t too brutal for anyone. Personally, I caught 68 Pokemon on Google Maps. I’m putting that in the bank as a win. (More info here.)

I’m a bit antsy because of one of those writer things, but I’m undecided about exactly how transparent I want to be at this point, so I’ll remain vague for now. *twiddles thumbs some more* *chews nails into oblivion*

Anywho. For something I’m not talking about, I’m talking about it a lot. Let’s move on, shall we?

What I’m reading:

My list on this end is the same as it was last week, because that’s what happens when I read many books at once. I’m farthest in Holly Black’s THE COLDEST GIRL IN COLDTOWN, and I am enjoying it significantly more than I thought I would, given the subject matter. I adore Holly Black, but vampires have never been a strong point of interest for me. She does a great job with them, though. It almost makes me want to read more vampire books. Almost.

I also started the first pages of THE MAZE RUNNER by James Dashner–by the way, am I the only one who finds it amusing that MAZE was written by someone whose last name included the word “dash”? Yes? Okay. I got the book because I’d heard tons about it, I just found out (during the previews when I went to see DIVERGENT) that it was coming out as a movie, and because it was on sale at the Kindle store. When you gotta jump, you gotta jump, right? So I did.

What I’m writing:

I’m currently revisiting my NaNo novel, which I abandoned in favor of working on my main story, WISPY, and studying for my last week of being an undergraduate. When I left it behind during that first week of December, it was sitting at a cool 54k words. Now, I’m close to crossing the threshold of 60k, thanks in part to the NaNo writing sprints that have (re)taken over my Twitter feed with Camp NaNoWriMo. I’m a competitive soul, though I like to tell myself I’m not. Either way, I’m making progress, and I’m happy about it.

What inspires me:

Even though no one would deign to call me a music buff–this, despite the fact that my brother is a musician and my best friend makes a point to participate in singing things amidst college life–I’ve been pretty hung up on music for the past week. Kina Grannis in particular. (If you click her name, you’ll be taken to her YouTube page.) I’ve been subscribed to her for years and years, and her songs always, always end up working their way into my book playlists. The resemblance her songs have to some of my characters’ situations/mentalities is uncanny. Plus she has a new album coming out this May, and I am just flailing all over the place.

What else I’ve been up to:

I went to the knitting circle last week with my friend, and it was delightful! The group is made up of a bunch of very welcoming ladies, and it was nice to finally make some progress on the sweater I started in December. Even if I only finished one more row. And might have messed up at some point.

Unfortunately, we won’t be going back to the circle for a long while because my friend has school, and I’m not brave enough to venture into that circle regularly all by my lonesome–especially considering the fact that I’m at least a decade younger than the youngest of them. They are lovely, though.

Other than that, baseball season started up again! Boyface (that’ll be my boyfriend, because for some reason I like adding “face” at the ends of words) and I went to the stadium on Monday to watch the M’s first game of the season. Of course, it wasn’t a home game, but our team does this great thing where fans can pay $1 to come to the stadium and watch the first game of the season on the big screen with a bunch of other people. It was fun. Also, mmmmm, garlic fries. Delicious.

(It has come to my attention that I should really start taking pictures so these black and white blog posts can get a little more interesting visually.)

That’s it from me this Wednesday. Check out some of my other recent posts, including Monday’s post, wherein I declare my love for Post-It notes and explain how I use them for outlining.

Head on over to Jaime Morrow’s blog to read her post and wander through some other What’s Up Wednesday posts.

Have a great day, and happy writing!


4 thoughts on “What’s up Wednesday – April 2

  1. Laurel Holman

    I hope that whatever your antsy about gets solved. Good for you for making it to a knitting circle. I’ve always found that good things happen when you expose yourself to people both older and younger than yourself. Happy writing!

  2. Jaime Morrow

    I’ve heard that THE COLDEST GIRL IN COLDTOWN is actually a pretty good book, vampires notwithstanding. (You know, for those who don’t dig vampires.) A lot of people seem to be having the same reaction you are to it. I’ll definitely have to pick it up. As for THE MAZE RUNNER, I still need to read the third book, but I can say that it’s one of my favourites of the whole dystopian bunch. I hope the movie does it justice!

    That’s so cool that you went to a knitting circle. I’ve been knitting up a storm lately, so that would be right up my alley. Though, it doesn’t surprise me all that much that it’s mostly older women lol. Hopefully it catches on a bit more with the younger crowd. Hope you’re having an awesome week, Kristine!

  3. marikaautrand

    (AH, antsy writer things! *zips mouth*)

    I started THE MAZE RUNNER, but couldn’t get into it. Let me know what you think. As a side note, have you read THE UGLIES series? That’s a dystopian series I really love.

  4. Kim Graff

    I really want to read THE MAZE RUNNER, but haven’t yet. It’s on my bookshelf, so I really need to get to that — particularly with that movie coming out. I cannot see a movie without reading the book first. I really want to read Holly Black’s new book too. I don’t mind vampires, but it sounds like she does a lot better with them :)


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