What’s Up Wednesday

We’ll return to our regularly-scheduled reposting of past blogs on Friday, but for today, we’re saying, “What’s up, Wednesday?”

Except not really. There’s no comma or question mark here. WUW is the brainchild of Jaime Morrow and her sister, Erin, and you can learn more about it here! I was introduced to this blog hop by CP extraordinaire Marika, and you should totally check out what she has to say this WUW, too. Because she’s awesome.


I have a big stack of books from the library that I’m trying to tear through now, though revisions are getting in the way–more on that later. It’s big enough that I’ll opt for listing them out:

  • THE ARCHIVED by Victoria Schwab
  • THE FIRE IN FICTION by Donald Maass
  • I WEAR THE BLACK HAT by Chuck Klosterman

And that’s not even including the four e-books I have waiting in the wings. (For those who are curious: TAKEN by Erin Bowman, THE MAZE RUNNER by James Dashner, BRIGHTLY WOVEN, and NEVER FADE (The Darkest Minds #2) both by Alexandra Bracken.)

Now, I’m not reading all these books at once; for me, that’s a little excessive. But all of them are staring at me from my desk, waiting… waiting… waiting…

Meanwhile, I’m cowering under my revisions. Figures.


Right now, I’m reworking the first pages of my YA Fantasy ms so they can be ready for querying. I’ve gotten some reader feedback that revealed what I had been pretending not to see: my beginning needs to be better, and by better, I mean more accessible. It’s a matter of clearer world building, so I’m working on including some more observations, tweaking some descriptions, and putting more color and substance in overall.


I found this stellar Finnish watercolor artist on Tumblr yesterday, and the artist’s work is amazing and fantastic. I even made one of her pieces my desktop background. Check out her Tumblr: http://tir-ri.tumblr.com/


Last week when I was writing at the library, I discovered that a little knitting group meets there every Thursday morning. I told my friend, and we basically danced around in circles together via text, so guess where we’ll be tomorrow morning? :)

I also saw DIVERGENT in theaters on opening day, and I have to say that the movie did the book justice. Though I’d still suggest reading the book first (I always do!), it’s definitely a movie you should see.

To check out some other WUW posts from this week, head on over to Jaime’s post here! Have a great day, all.


10 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday

  1. Tori

    So excited to see Divergent. Also the top two books on your list are two I really loved!

    Good luck with prepping your MS for querying.

    1. Kristine Post author

      Oh man, the movie is so good. Almost nothing about it bothered me–one of the only tiny things being that Beatrice wore makeup in Abnegation. Just… no.

      Thanks for the luck!

  2. marikaautrand

    How is “Fire in Fiction”? I read “Writing the Breakout Novel” and “Writing 21st Century Fiction.” Both of them are in the top 5 writing craft books I’ve ever read. I’ve been eyeing “Fire”…also, you read way more books than me :)

    1. Kristine Post author

      I’ll probably end up talking about it in a future blog post when I finish it, but I’ll definitely let you know!

    1. Kristine Post author

      I almost feel like I’ve overdone it, especially with all these books staring at me. But then I’m like, nah, you can never have too many books. Thanks so much! Happy reading and writing to you, too.

  3. Jaime Morrow

    Beginnings of stories are so hard to get right! I feel like I’ve been fighting with mine forever. I hope all goes well and you’re able to sort yours out. You have some books on your list that I really need to get to. THE ARCHIVED and THE COLDEST GIRL IN COLDTOWN, in particular. Thanks for sharing that link to the watercolour artist. I love her stuff!

    Thanks for joining us this week! Hope you have a wonderful week. :-)

    1. Kristine Post author

      Right? I think I’ve got it, but I’ll have to look at it with fresher eyes (again) tomorrow. And seriously, that watercolor artist has opened me up to so many others, too. It’s definitely a case of falling down a rabbit hole. A very pretty, colorful rabbit hole.

      Thanks for hosting the blog hop! It’s lots of fun :)

  4. kelworthfiles

    Hey there, nice to meet you! Holly Black seems to be taking over WUW. ;) I’ve seen that book on a lot of blogs lately. I haven’t read it yet, but I met Holly this summer and loved the short story version, so I need to get to it.

    Cool tumbler link, and congrats on finding the knitting circle!

    1. Kristine Post author

      Nice to meet you, too! You should definitely read it–I’m almost halfway through, and it’s great! Holly does great work.


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