Monthly Archives: August 2013

The Habitual Slump

This summer has involved a lot of not posting on the blog and also not getting a lot of writing in on my WIP. And also, apparently, run-on sentences.

This happens to me once in a while. Usually it’s during school, in the latter half of the quarter when everything piles up, but now that’s it’s happening during summer, when I (arguably) have more time to write, I think it’s become habit. Which is, you know…

Not good.

I’ll be honest here. I wanted to finish this draft two weeks ago. Right now, I’m within about 2000 words of where I was a month ago. I have around 10-12K to go before I’ll feel like the draft is done (I think). That’s not very much. I wrote that much in a week back in March.

I could say that the lack of WIP writing is because I’m getting burnt out on writing with my internship at a community paper. I could say a lot of things. But there’s just one thing I WILL say:

They’re excuses. I haven’t been writing my WIP. That’s the only sentiment that actually matters.

Well, that one, and this: I’m going to write now. Happy writing!