To new beginnings

Let me tell you, I’ve started at least two other writing blogs in the past 3 years, and I have kept up with neither of them. Now, I realize that’s not the best vote of confidence for this blog, but you know I’m sticking to it because I’ve already put a good amount of time into putting it together before I started writing this here blog post. *Does the Vanna thing to show off the pretty page menus and all that jazz.*

Seeing as I’m writing this post, as of now, I think I’m done with at least this stage of construction of the site. Sure, it’s not as pretty or as website-y as I want it to look quite yet, but hey. It’s a baby site, and I have all the basic information up. Besides, new beginnings mean new progression, right?

That sentiment would have been a lot nicer and encouraging if the sentence in which I expressed it actually made sense.

You can get plenty of information about me from the “About Kristine” page, but here are the basics:

  • My name is Kristine.
  • I’m 20, but just for a couple more weeks.
  • I like to write. A lot.

This space isn’t going to be terribly exciting over the next two months as I plod through the first draft of my WIP while juggling the end of my penultimate quarter as an undergraduate student. But to give you an idea of what I’ll post, I’ll just say that I’d love to talk about any relevant information regarding the publishing world, as well as any progress (and setbacks!) I make in my writing endeavors. (I sounded much too excited about the setbacks.)

Sundays will be official posting days, and I may post a smattering of other blog entries throughout the week according to my whimsy.

I’ll see you in the comments!


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